Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chanterelle Fairy Ring

Here's something I thought was quite unique - a fairy ring of chanterelles. I've seen fairy rings of other mushrooms before but not of chanterelles.

I searched on google for something similar and couldn't find anything. BUT being as this is the 3rd chanterelle circle I've found this year I think its safe to say they're fairly common under the right conditions. [edit: I just searched wiki and found a reference to mushroom fairy rings but chanterelles were not listed has one of the species so maybe they are a bit rare.]

Unfortunately many of these mushrooms were a little past their prime with the edges starting to dry out and the cores gone spongy from the rain. Had I found this 5 or so days ago I would have walked away with 4-5 lbs of prime chanties. As it was I came away with about 2 lbs, still not too shabby.

If you're curious about fairy rings the theory is that the spores and mycelia (mycelia can be considered mushroom roots) underground push outward in search of the nutrients they need to grow thus creating a ring. So next year when I come back here - and you better believe I will be back - the ring will be a little wider and should grow more each year.

Its was interesting to see that the pine tree inside ring didn't disturb the grow of the circle.

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