Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not Dead Yet...

This is pretty funny...An inoculated shiitake log that I gave up on fruited! I've had it 2.5 years and tried a few times to soak it and get it to fruit with no luck. The only reason it was still getting wet was because I was using it to put it on top of my other logs so they would be submerged for their winter soak. That's why there are only those mushrooms on the one side of it, the side that was in the water.

On a related note I've decided that I love shiitakes mushrooms! They have a delicious nutty, woodsy, tea flavor and a meaty texture. They also dry well, retaining a lot of their flavor. This spring I plan to increase my production of inoculated logs. 

Edit: Well this is interesting...What you see here is a log inoculated with Shaggy Mane spores that never fruited. Imagine my surprise seeing a shiitake there! So there must have been a mistake right? I put the wrong spores in one of the holes, but it was growing on the surface of the bark not in a spore hole. I'm fairly certain that what happened was that some spores from the shiitake log jumped over to this one. I often would lean them against each other. 

So score another point for those tenacious shiitakes.

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