Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Sunday, May 5, 2013


...As in 'Lots Of Looking, Not Much Finding'. That pretty much sums up morel hunting here in central New York. But what the heck in the early season you need to have something to look for right? So it was with low expectations that Mike and I went to one of my 2 known morel spots today. All things considered I'm not disappointed with the 'haul'. Its been very dry lately and last year I found zero morels so I'll take it.

I sauteed them with wild ramps and broccoli and they were delicious.

I've read a lot about where to look for morels; old apple trees, dying elms, etc...But for me here in central New York the only place I've found them is by mature Ash trees by a stream.

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