Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blewits have a mind of their own...

One thing about being a dog owner is that you find yourself walking in forests even when you have no real hope of finding any mushrooms. And so it was that Fred and I were out in the woods yesterday, after 8 days of no rain, getting our walk in and I spotted these fairly fresh light purple mushrooms. 'Corts' I assumed, but I grabbed one to do spore print (something you always want to do when ID'ing blewits) and sure enough they were blewits.

Not much of a haul but I was amazed that anything was fruiting. September was already dry and we just went through the driest period. Just goes to show you that some mushrooms have their own timetable. I guess the good early rains were enough for these blewits.

This is decidedly NOT the case for my beloved maitakes. Its October 1st and I've found zero maitakes. At this point we need an inch or more of rain to get things started and there's nothing like that in the forecast. Ah well...Last year I found my last one on Oct. 23rd so there's still hope.

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