Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Three

Golden and Smooth Chanterelles with Black Trumpet. 8.2.14
From early to mid August was the peak of the 2014 gathering season and these are the mushrooms that made up 90% of my haul. Sure there was the occasional Chicken of the Woods or Oysters to be had but it was hard to get excited about gathering those when I already had a bag full of the choice edibles pictured on the left.

I'll always take Hedgehogs when I find them though, same with Lions Mane. Found my first Lions Mane yesterday, a nice reward on a day when there wasn't much else to be seen. But a lovely walk in the woods was had as always.

Sadly those heydays are over. The rains petered out in late August just like last year and I'm getting anxious about the effect this will have on the Maitake season. For now I think its safe to say that we're near the end of our 2nd epic Chanterelle season in a row. If anything I'd say this season was even better then last years because the rains were more spread out with periods of dry weather between so the chanties were less likely to get porous and waterlogged. I have several bags of sautéed chanties zipped locked in the freezer along with 3 bags of fresh ones in the fridge I still haven't found the time to deal with.

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