Black Trumpet Mushroom

Black Trumpet Mushroom

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good times...

I was out in the woods after work yesterday and came home with 4 different kinds of edibles. They are from top left clockwise: maitakes (2 of them), boletes, hedgehogs (1/2 lb), and of course the venerable black trumpet mushrooms (3/4 lb). Quite a haul eh? These are great times for foraging.

I will confess that I already knew about the large maitake in the middle left, but everything else was unexpected. The hedgehogs in particular were a nice find, I've never found more then one or two of them at a time so its nice to get enough to make a meal out of.

Note the different colors of the 2 maitakes. The top one had an unusual dusty light color, but it was still nice and fresh. The larger one has a more common darker, brownish coloration.

Ahhh but with great harvests comes great responsibility. And now if you'll excuse me I have to go clean then dry some trumpets and start cleaning and vacuum packing those beautiful maitakes.

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